The environment for private equity is particularly dynamic at the moment. Geopolitical developments are impacting market access and conditions, while regulatory and policy changes bring newand sometimes more favorablecompliance requirements. And new vehicles and opportunities emerge to allow capital to be put to use under a range of investment strategies. 

This issue of the Private Equity Report explores several recent developments, changes and opportunities relevant to private equity sponsors, investors, partners and managers.

Extreme Filing

The business model and asset bases of insurance companies make them attractive acquisitions for PE sponsors, although federal and state regulatory requirements require attention.

Proposed changes to the Solvency II regulations significantly cut the prudential capital requirements for EU-regulated insurance companies holding long-term investments in European firms.

Congress has significantly broadened the scope of potential review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States of foreign equity investments, with implications for both sponsors and their foreign investors.

A trio of decisions by the Delaware Supreme Court is likely to reduce appraisal risk in the acquisition of public companies domiciled in that state.

Amendments to Regulation S-K allow, in certain circumstances, the omission of schedules to exhibits and eliminate formal Confidential Treatment Requests.

The UK’s exit date is now October 31—perhaps. Despite considerable uncertainties, preparations continue for the day when the UK becomes a "third country."

Highlights from a panel discussion addressing the current fundraising climate, asset valuations, and other topics of interest to PE investors considering NAV and hybrid facilities.

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